We are a full service technology company taking care of PC and Apple products.


Using a computer, laptop, and even simple things like surfing the internet can be intimidating; We are here to help you stay safe, have an enjoyable computer experience and to ensure your computer is running efficiently.

OK Tech Guy will assist you by remoting into your computer, this allows for the cost to stay low and the convenience of never leaving the house. OK Tech Guy is an Oklahoma City based mobile business; therefore, we do not have a storefront. We work on computers remotely or we can also come to you.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and you can trust in our 20 years plus of service. Sometimes the hardest part is asking for help – we are here for you, so give us a call or if you need help immediately then click the GET HELP NOW, under the Remote Assistance.

Our ServiceWhat can We do for you?


Slow computer? Not sure about weird pop-ups? Computer restarting randomly or will not boot up? Want to make sure about something, just to make sure? Give us a call.

Is your computer up-to-date including windows and drivers? We understand technology. We can find the problem and put the calm back into your life. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

Training and Instruction

New computer, phone, or connected device like a Chromecast or Smart TV? We can help you understand newer technology.

We will simplify it; help you understand how to work your device and be comfortable fully utilizing all available features. Our goal is for you to have full accessibility and safety in all your devices. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

Security and Virus Protection

Is your internet wireless network secure? Is your Antivirus really protecting you or is it slowing your computer down? Is your internet browser slower than it used to be?

We can help you stay protected and feel secure. We will optimize web browsing for you. Also, ever get spam calls that your computer is broken? Call us and we will ensure that the bad guys cannot get in. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

New Technology

Thinking about buying a new tablet, new PC, or laptop? Let us help you navigate the technology highway and get the best options for your needs!

We will ensure that you pick the right product for you. We understand that your busy, let us do the research for you and help narrow down the aisle of products out there. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

PC and User Security

Computer passwords along with logins for websites is the key to helping you not lose your identity and or finances.

Not knowing or understanding logins can lead to security vulnerabilities. Using the same password for more than one account is like having one key to unlock every door you use. We can help with password managers and with any other questions you may have. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

Backup and Recovery

Recently purchase a new computer and needing your files from your old computer? Let us help you transfer files and protect your important data before disaster strikes.

We know pictures, music, and documents are very important. We can copy your files to a new hard drive and even clone your current computer hard drive. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help.

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